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This store is

Nevada Bolt and Hose

2625 E Craig Rd.

No.Las Vegas Nevada


My wife & I went into Nevada Bolts & Hose on Craig Rd the owner was very rude because we ask him about the price on some nuts, we were going to buy the whole box. After many trip to supports the local small business & not always the big box stores this is what I get

He told us not to come into his store, we left and went to Lowe's and found the nuts at a better price. He don't care about customer service, just bring in the money. Be aware if you go into this store.

Review about: Size 4 Bolts.



I've been to Nevada Nuts and Bolts many times, they have always been very helpful and friendly to me and have on occasion, just given me what it was I needed when it was only a couple of very small items. Unfortunately, there are "AH's" in this world and if your in business, you can't help but run into them from time to time.



I would have to agree with Management NBH.I go to Nevada Bolt for hard to find parts and generally have great luck in finding them there.

The counter staff work at finding you exactly what you need. I have seen them give out a few parts when a customer only need two or three screws or bolts.

Yes, you can get a better price from the big box stores...if they carry what you are looking for.

Not fair to use this forum as a personal vendetta when a business is trying to help you out.


This person repeatably came in and would complain about the pricing.It didn't matter if we gave it to him he would complain.

I think this was a form of entertainment for him. We tried to help him but on his last visit he lost his temper after we asked for $5.00 after spending 20 minutes with him for the product,we didn't even try and make him pay our standard $10.00 min. . His claims are ridiculous and it is unfortunate they can be posted in this manner without anyone investigating them.

We have been in business since 1994 and have " given" away thousands of parts when people just needed a couple screws.This guy took advantage of our generosity and got angry when we asked him to pay.

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